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Catappa Leaves Online Store is a Singapore registered company that sells Indian Almond Leaf ( also called Catappa Leaf ) on line, and we are probably the only seller that gives away FREE catappa leaves to it's customer : 10% more on your total ordered quantity. If you buy 50 leaves we will send you 55 leaves, if you ordered 3,000 you will get 3,300 leaves ! We also provides fun & Loyalty Rewarding Programme that keep our customers coming back for more. Once you purchased from us, you'll probably not going elsewhere to get your leaves in future. Give us a try and you will know why !

We can supply low quantity to individual user and large quantity for distributor and reseller, our low pricing and free leaves are very attractive for pet shops and auqarium store sellers. Not only can we ship anywhere worldwide, our new packing method will also save you a lot on your shipping cost.  

Whether you are an individual Aquarium Hobbyist (Betta lover especially) that needs a few pieces for your tank, or a pet shop owner that wish to import a few boxes and resell them in your store, or even for a special medicinal study / pharmacological research that requires a large amount of the leaves, we're able to supply you.

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Website Revamping. - Friday, October 19, 2018
Notice : This site will be revamp and upgrading for a better service and new look !
New Products for Sale ! - Sunday, April 29, 2018
Our new list of products for sale on coming May !
Our New Services ~ Wholesale ! - Monday, August 22, 2016
We are happy to announce that with effective from August 2016 we are able to provide wholesale services to any one who would like to sell Indian Almond Leaves either on line like eBay, or in their own aquarium / pet shops....