Welcome to our store

Dear Customers and Friends,

It has been 7 years since we first launch this site to sell our hand pick Catappa Leaves, or Indian Almond Leaves. With the incresing of many new products to sell, we have decided that it is time to give the site a brand new look.

Thus we will be upgrading our catappaleaves.com website for a brand new design & lay-out so as to serve our incresing customers with a better online shopping experience. The change will takes about a month to complete. Hopefully it will be ready by December. 

We like to say a Big Thank You to all our customers for their past support and input. Like in any business, without customers we will never be whom we are today !

God Bless you all and we shall meet again when we have done our revamping. Till than. 

With Best regards,

Norman Wong, Owner of catappaleaves.com

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