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Catappa Leaves (also known as Indian Almond Leaves or Terminalia Catappa Leaves) online store is probably the only online store that gives away FREE catappa leaves to it's members ( with our points rewarding system ). What distinguishes us is our fun & Loyalty Rewarding Programme that keeps our customers coming back for more. Once you purchased from us, you'll probably not going elsewhere to get your leaves in future. Give us a try and you will know why !

Our process flow of getting the leaves from hand picking, cleaning, sorting, packing and shipping ensures that only the highest possible quality & freshest leaves are being shipped to our customer. Many times you can even feel the nature softness on the back of the leaves.

Whether you are an individual Aquarium Hobbyist (Betta lover especially) that needs a few pieces for your tank, or a pet shop owner that wish to import a few boxes and resell them in your store, or even for a special medicinal study / pharmacological research that requires a large amount of the leaves, we're able to supply you.

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Removing Catappa Leaves Tea Bags from our Store. - Monday, February 03, 2014
We have decided not to offer any Catappa Leaves Tea Bags from our Store.
Site Upgrading - Monday, October 17, 2011
We will be upgrading our current site to the latest version available by NopCommerce.
Low Stock of Catappa Leaves - Saturday, May 14, 2011
Latest Information of our Low Stock of Catappa Leaves.