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What to expect from fresh water shrimps? Are they an add, a kind of cleaners for our regular water tanks with fish? Yes they could be, but shrimps are far more then that.

Since 2 years I keep several species of fresh water shrimps in breeding tanks, separate from each other. Let me tell you this ... I have more fun in breeding shrimps then in breeding fish in the past. Because shrimp breeding in The Netherlands is rather new, you are always looking for tips about the best circumstances. One of the natural circumstances / ingredients are leaves. In the wild, leaves fall in the waters where shrimps lives.

So in all of my tanks you can find leaves, also from trees from The Netherlands. But what I have seen is that catappa leaves last much longer then the leaves from the trees here.

Anyway to make a long story short, I am glad I have found catappa leaves for my shrimps.