New Products for Sale !

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Many of you has been asking us for sometimes about other kind of products for sale, suggesting that it would be easier and convenience for you to fulfill your stocks by getting them here under one single site. We though it was a good ideal as it also allow us to expend our product range and diversifies our business. After a few months of searching out we finally manage to find a few trustable source that we could get our stocks from. We are very happy with their offering and service, in particular their price and product's quality. So we are ready to add them to our site this coming May. They are :

  1. Indian Almond Tree Barks
  2. Alder Cones
  3. Birch Pine Cones
  4. Cinnamon Sticks
  5. Banana Leaves
Being fishes or shrimp, all above items are very good for adding hidding place, food source, and especially tannins to any freshwater aquariums. In particularly for shrimp breeder or freshwater shrimp hobbyist, all these items will be very useful and healthy for them. 
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