100pcs Grade-C Mixed Size 5"~12" Catappa Leaves

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These grade-C leaves in general have larger tears or holes. They are matured and fallen from the same tree where we got our grade-A and B but they are no less efficacious and look more natural when used in any tank. We record our collecting date and we do not sell any leaves that are stored more than 6 months. Any stocks that are more than 6 months will be use as compose in the garden and what you are getting is very new and fresh leaves. You'll be amaze when you receive your leaves.

Items Content  Natural Dried Terminalia Catappa ( Indian Almond ) Leaves

Quantity / Size  : 100 pieces of Grade-C Mixed Size 5" ~ 12" catappa leaves.

Shipping Time  :  Will be shipped immediately, and take 5~10 Days to reach.

Availability: Out of stock