About Us

We are from Singapore, where the Terminalia Catappa trees are very common and can be found everywhere. The pictures below is a typical tree of a large group in a park near where we live.

Singapore is the Garden City of Asia. We are well known for our cleanliness and environmental control and we do not have any pollution problem or what so ever. Fish keepers here pick up the leaves from the park, wash it and put it into their tank. This has been the way how these leaves are used. They drop everyday during shedding seasons so we always have fresh and tip-top condition leaves for our own use and for sale.

The popularity of using these Catappa Leaves for superb water condition among the Aquarium Hobbyist increased (especially for Betta Splendens lover), so we thought why not we collect the leaves, set-up a simple website and offer them to all freshwater fish hobbyist worldwide directly.   

Besides contributing our part in cleaning the environment and  promoting the use of Catappa leaves to all freshwater aquarium hobbyist, at the same time we can also made a little income for ourselves. It's something we can actually recycle from our mother nature, so that in the end lesser manufactured products from factories and pollution are produced.

During shedding seasons we visit a few areas where there are fresh fallen leaves. You can see from the pictures there are so many leaves available, and we can come up with as many as 800 to 1,000 Grade A leaves in a single morning. Only by doing this can we ensure that all our leaves are in the best possible quality when we ship to our customer.