1st Box

Welcome to our newly revamped Catappa Leaves Online Store !

We are really happy and grateful that it could be done and up for business before end of 2018. We hope you like our new look which is designed to create both fun and ease of online shopping experience for our visitors. It is now so much more easy and straightforward to locate what you want to buy.  

Before the revamp in our previous site, we offer nothing else but only catappa leaves. Now we have added a lot more to offer. All the items for sales are not only useful but also essential to both freashwater aquarium and especially freshwater shrimps hobbyist. Beside individual user, we also offer large wholesale quantities with lower than market price to breeders, retailers, and distributors. Once you purchased from us, you will probably not going elsewhere to buy your items in future. Give us a try and you will know why !