Betta Fish Care

When one talk about Betta Fish (also known as Siamese Fighting Fish) keeping, Catappa Leaves is almost always associated with the hobby. No one knows exactly if it was first a Betta fish live near to a Terminalia Catappa tree or if a Terminalia Catappa seed first grown near to a shallow paddy field where there are Betta living in, today it is no longer a secret that if the leaves is not used in the hobby, the fish will not be as healthy as those who live with it. But besides adding the Catappa Leaves, is there anything else that you do not know when comes to Betta Fish keeping ?

Would you like to :

* Discover how easy it can be to dramatically transform your tired, sluggish, and boring fish into a show-stopping little guy that will endlessly entertain you and make you the envy of all your fish-loving friends.

* See why the most common caretaking technique that you would use to raise any other type of fish will actually put your Siamese in life-threatening jeopardy. If you didn’t know this obscure fact about your Siamese, you’d probably think you were doing a good thing for them… when actually you’d be putting them in serious danger.

* Uncover how ancient Chinese rice paddies hold the timeless key to raising ridiculously healthy and vibrant fish. In those murky waters lie secrets that even the most well-respected breeders around the world don’t know. 

* Learn how to avoid creating a home that your fish will hate. Most people make this exact mistake and watch as their fish fade away. You’ll finally learn the right way, including choosing the proper tank size (which is a huge controversy in the Siamese community) and your fish will never be happier.

* Find out what lies many manufacturers tell fish owners that could be slowly starving your fish from getting the nutrients he needs. It’s the dirty lil’ secret that makers of the “Siamese Vase” are perpetuating and you’ll be exposed to the real truth.

* Discover what two things you absolutely under no circumstances should ever be put in your tank together. Get this wrong and your fish will most likely die - no ands, ifs, or buts about it.

* Learn the #1 rule of owning a Siamese fighting fish. This is hands-down one of the most critical things you MUST know if you hope to get the most enjoyment from your fish for many years to come.

* Find out what you need to do BEFORE you actually purchase a fish. Most new owners do this totally backwards and pay dearly for it in $$$... don’t make this same mistake !

* Learn the secrets to keeping your Siamese stress-free. When you learn these little-known tricks to eliminating all stress, you’ll be amazed at the transformation of your little guy !

* Get a checklist of the 13 things you cannot live without (nor can your fish) starting from Day One. Miss any of the items on this list and you’re setting your fish up for a rough and short life. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

* Get your hands on the specific pH level you need to set your tank at. Many experts are quoted incorrectly in other resources, so make sure you have the right pH number.

* Learn why you shouldn’t be intimidated by growing live plants in your tank. But, find out what you must do if you want to include plants in your tank. Miss this step or make the wrong choice and not only will your plants die, but your fish could easily be poisoned. I’ve seen it too many times to count and it’s totally preventable when you know how to do it the right way.

* Uncover the perfect way to waterlog your bogwood. Sounds funny to you now, but unless you know this specific technique you won’t be able to include one of your Siamese fish’s favorite environs. 

If your answer is generally "Yes" to most of the questions above, then click here to read what you do not know about keeping Betta fish !