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This is the place for you to meet other Terminalia catappa Leaves (also known as Ketapang or Tropical Almond, or Sea Almond, or Indian Almond Leaves) user, share your own personal experiences on using the leaves and get help with issues you couldn't solve by reading the other sections. We welcome suggestions and opinions on improving this Forums and the site and that you are free to add any topic when using the Forum, but it must be related with the usage of the leaves.

Below is some simple Guideline for Acceptable Use of This Forum. 

1)   This Forum is open to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds, therefore the most important rules imposed here are those of Common Sense, Tolerance and Courtesy. Topics not related to using the catappa leaves like religion, politics, sex, drugs or racism are strictly prohibited

2)   This Forum is a place for us to debunk myths in the using of the leaves (my Betta's health was so much better after I use the leaves, etc). When replying to a topic, you are expected to be speaking out of your own personal experience on the issue. If this is not the case you are expected to make it clear whether you're quoting a friend, a book, a website, or just relaying what you believe to be common knowledge.

3)   If a topic or reply disappeared from the Forum in which you posted, it was either moved because we considered it to be better placed in another forum, or deleted because it violated a guideline or was considered inappropriate for this Forum. If you didn't understand or agree with the decision, contact us and the issue will be discussed and clarified. 

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Betta Splendens / Siamese Fighting Fish
Share with others your own experience about using the leaves on your Betta.
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6 years ago
In: Got the leaves yesterday! :)
Freshwater Shrimp
Freshwater Shrimp may be the next big thing in our aquariums, have you ever used the catappa leaves in your shrimp tank ?
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7 years ago
In: What to expect?
We all know how critical the water conditon can be for this specie, share with us on what you know about the catappa leaves used on your discus tank.
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The King Of Fishes, also called the Dragon fish in Asian, are endangered species and exotic fishes. The catappa leaves are said to have significant enhancement and protection on the development of it's large, mosaic pattern of canals heavy scales when the fish is young.
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Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Fish
The catappa leaves are also said to be loved by Pleco, Apistos, Killie, and many others tropical freshwater aquarium fishes. What is your own experience and stroies ?
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Water Condition
It has been said that the catappa leaves not only contain humic acids and tannins which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it will also lowers the pH of water and absorbs harmful chemicals in the tank.
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Got the leaves yesterday! :)
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Thursday, March 17, 2011 3:36 AM
What to expect?
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 2:24 AM